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NGI is certified by the National Fireproofing Contractors Association as an installer for both intumescent (IFRM) and spray-applied (SFRM) fireproofing. Our skilled fireproofing experts have experience with both commercial and industrial construction. As part of a larger commercial wall systems contractor, we understand the importance of the timely delivery of our services and closely coordinate our efforts with the base-building contractor and the interiors subcontractor teams.

NGi as a StoPanels affiliate combines quality and the latest technology in the construction industry today, utilizing a process that saves time, adds value and improves quality. Sto Panels are lightweight, energy efficient, durable and require only a fraction of the typical installation time.

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Panel Systems- Sto Panel

Energy efficient and economical, EIFS has enjoyed renewed popularity due to Title 24 requirements. It is a cost effective solution (even on elaborate exterior systems) when it is properly designed and installed by a knowledgeable and experienced team. NGI is one of few certified EIFSMART installers in the Southern California marketplace with the expertise to bring flexibility and low cost options that EIFS offers a project.

Early and committed adopters of BIM, NGI recognizes the value of the comprehensive view of the project that BIM provides. We have made a substantial investment in technology and in training our , which allows us to take a proactive approach to managing the BIM model. There is a high level of engagement throughout the team, with our foremen working closely with the BIM detailers to ensure that the model reflects how and what we build. Our investment is paying off as we become more effective in the field and are able to eliminate non- productive changes.
Our strength in pre-construction and comprehensive understanding of the construction process help make NGI a valuable part of a Design Build or Design Assist team. We know how to establish a conceptual budget with a solid baseline of assumptions. And our early pricing processes are there to support that budget. Our experienced team understands why prices fluctuate, what areas of the design are good candidates for value engineering and when to challenge the design or to protect it.
NGI identifies opportunities to reduce onsite labor and improve the overall schedule during pre-construction when prefabrication makes sense for a project. Our BIM drawings expedite field installations of prefab components. With good coordination, prefabrication eliminates waste, saves time, lowers field costs and increases safety.
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