• Metal Stud Framing
  • Lath & Plaster
  • Drywall
  • Spray Applied fireproofing
  • Acoustical / Specialty Ceilings


Montclair, CA

135,000 SF
$ 12.0mil

The Shell consists of a two-story 135K square foot entertainment building in Montclair. The TI includes all the necessary work
to complete a Theatre TI for AMC Theaters.

Core and Shell Facts

  • 1000S200-68 @ 45’ were dropped from the roof to the second floor for the exterior walls
  • It took 3 guys positioned on the roof and 5 guys on the scaffold to safely maneuver the studs into place
  • Boxed studs were laid out every 4’ for the exterior walls
  • # of screws per boxed stud – 540 #10 SMS
  • Exterior Sequence – Framing, sheathing, Tremco Waterproofing, Paper, Lath and a 20/30 sand float finish
  • At one point we had 45 guys working on the exterior

Tenant Improvement Facts

  • 12 Auditoriums in total on the second floor
  • Each auditorium varied in square footage
  • The IMAX and Dolby auditoriums were the biggest in size and both received over a 1,000 sheets of drywall
  • Most auditorium walls received 3 layers of drywall to achieve the desired STC rating
  • The interior studs (6” studs ranging from 42’ to 46’) for all auditorium walls were hoisted into place.
  • Framing members were installed at some locations 8” oc due to wall height and anchorage category.
  • There are 40 wall types throughout the second floor AMC Theatre Space